You do not make payment for your custom maps until you have submitted the order form and I have reviewed it. In most cases, the modifications offered on that form incur no additional charges. In some cases, if you ask for artwork not already developed or developing a dramatically different route or other design changes, we will discuss the charges for that. I am a professional graphics designer (in business for 23 yrs in Web Design) and am capable of developing custom work for you.

After reviewing the order, I will send you a PAYPAL request for funds. The link should be with a number added to the end of it as the amount requested. If you check the box for Purchase Protection, I pay the small percentage fee they charge for doing this. (Feel free not to check it - I've never had an issue with a customer over delivery, and that fee might represent a glass of Vino in some small village in Spain!)

When the funds are received, I will develop your map based on your order form instructions, or subsequent email clarifications and you will receive a low-res proof of your map. Please be aware this will not be as clear as your final printed map as monitors can only 'see' 72dpi images, though I will blow it up somewhat for clarity. There will be a large SAMPLE in red across this proof. Once you acknowledge via email that it is to your satisfaction, I will process the printing. At that time, I cannot cancel the order, and it will be printed. However, depending on several factors, we can discuss reprinting it with changes based on time since approval and size of print - just email me and I will try to make it as painless as possible. I will not take advantage of fellow Pilgrim's but will not pay for your errors, either!

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