CAMINO Poster-size Wall Map #2 in High-Def showing full Trail Map in Terrain-relief.
Starting at $55 for Digital-Only edition and $90 for 24"x36" Printed version plus shipping.
This map is better suited for southern routes as it shows the entire country of Spain. You have several no-cost options with this map. We will add up to three photos overlain on the map - the position is customizable based on which routes we don't want to cover up. We have several background options and your choice of silhouettes, medals, shells and crosses you can add - just discuss your needs!

Hover over thumbnails for samples. We offer MANY different options to make your map unique.

  • Full-size map will be your choice of either digitally downloaded or 24" x 36", in a Semi-Gloss finish.
  • Perfect for framing, or adding to a Shadowbox along with your Compostela.
  • CLICK HERE to display a larger SAMPLE of it in a new window. (NOTE: You usually have to click it again in the new window to display fully zoomed in.)
  • I can customize it to YOUR cities and villages, designs, different starting/ending points, or Header text.
  • This will be printed (choose type & size below), rolled and shipped in a tube and shipped ground(US Only)
  • I now offer a Digital-Only option for International customers or those who wish to have it printed locally.
  • What I would need from you is:

    • Specific route information, especially alternates you took,
    • Start/Stop points,
    • Village/city stops,
    • Any changes to the 5 lines of text on top of the map,
    • If you wish custom graphics, other than the choices on the order form below, we can discuss it
    • Once we agree on the final design, I will send a Paypal Payment request. You are only obligated after payment is made.
    • ... the sky is the limit - let me know what you want beyond what is shown here and I will come up with a cost - it's all custom work.
    • If you have a discount code, include it in the comment sections at Step 7.


How many routes, populated with villages/cities, will be on your map? This is for the design time involved - there will be another charge for printing it in step 6, unless you request digital-ony file and print it yourself.

Select which routes are to be shown and populated:
(Indicate your dates/year in the comments if you want them next to the Route name)
Camino Francés
Camino Fisterra
Camino Primitivo
Camino Ruta del Ebro
Camino de Madrid
Camino Aragones
Camino del Salvador
Camino Ingles
Camino Vasco del Interior
Camino del Norte
Camino Portugues
Camino Portugues Coastal Route
Camino Via de la Plata
Camino Sanabrés

OTHER (Describe in comments)

NOTE: For no additional charge, we can show the other route paths (no villages) on your map, however, be aware they may take up space you would otherwise want a photo or decoration displayed. If this is the case, add in COMMENTS, which routes should be shown.

With so many Camino Route Options, I cannot list all possible cities you stayed in on your Camino(s). Some routes have been programmed for you to click on the villages, some have not been programmed yet. Ignore any cities/villages if your route does not include these routes. For routes not programmed, I am going to ask you to list, in the comment box below (or by subsequent email), the cities and villages you want labeled on your route. Please indicate which route(s), their dates, and PLEASE list them in the order you stayed in them enroute to Santiago - I will have to hunt them down on a map to place them properly!

Please note: the more you put on, the more crowded it will appear, and portions of the route itself will be obscured. We recommend putting only the locations you stayed overnight. If you need a village not found on this list, indicate its name and location in the remarks.

Also, check or list any route landmarks you want on the map - these will be in a light shade of red on the map. Add these HIGHLIGHT locations to your list of villages for other routes as well, but make sure you note they are to be highlighted in red - otherwise I am looking for a city or village by that name.

List any Cities missing from the above list of Route villages, and/or list the cities and villages you want from other routes in descending order towards Santiago. Indicate dates with each route if you want that shown on the map. If you want extra time to put this list together, indicate the list will follow by eMail, and I can still get started):

STEP 3: What would you like on the 2 Text Lines? (Lower Left space below Cherubs)
Please refer to the sample image above - I will match the font/size/color/style seen there unless we discuss otherwise.

( I can eliminate this graphic of Cherubs and eliminate any text here making more room for Silhouettes - just mention it below and remove the sample text in these fields!)

Top Line:
Bottom Line:

Additional Text: (No add'l charge)

There is a fair amount of space in the Mediteranean Sea in the lower right corner for add'l Text, or the Templar Cross as shown, or leave it blank to be overlain with your photos or use a Background photo under the country of Spain as seen in some of the samples - I will discuss design options by email.

STEP 4: Do you want any decorative medals, silhouettes? There is no add'l charge!
Please refer to the sample map - The decorations shown are available now - if you have other designs in mind, we need to discuss custom work. (Often, I do not charge for new designs if it is likely I can use it on everyone's map). I can add any of the existing decorations and space them to look good, all at no additional cost.

These decorations shown are not to scale, and represent decorations requested by past map purchasers - if you have a particular one you would like to see on your map, let me know.

If you will be wanting one or more overlay photos, it is often wise to unclutter these decoration and silhouettes to make room. The more routes you have shown, the less room there is for photos.


Scallop Shell #1 with red cross. Usually only one style shell is displayed, choose which.
Scallop Shell #2. I can add the red cross if desired, mention it in comments
Scallop Shell #3. I can add the red cross if desired, mention it in comments
St. Benedict Medal (Front)
Templar Medal
St. Benedict Medal (Rear)
St. James Face looking up


Knight Templar with Sword
Santiago Cathedral Silouette
Small Cross on Pedestal Silouette
Cruz de Ferro Pole/Cross Silouette (Francés)
Storks nesting Silouette
Alto de Perdon Silouette (Francés)
Generic Hiker Silouette
Pilgrim with staff Silouette
Scallop Shell/Yellow Arrow marker

"Buen Camino" text Color TBD based on design

Andalusian Horse

Spanish Galleon

STEP 5: Will you want photos overlain on the non-route areas of your map at no add'l charge?

Yes, I will send you one to three hi-res photos by email.*
Yes, I will send you more than three hi-res photos by email.($10ea)*
* There is no charge for adding one to three photos. It is very important that any photos you send are of high-resolution, preferably raw from your camera at FINE resolution. I can work with what you send and will let you know if it is inadequate. Most pictures of high enough quality will be several MB large. If in doubt, send them anyway - I may be able to fit them in at a smaller size. Additional photos beyond three will incur an additional charge of $10 each - discuss with me as it gets very customized at this point.

STEP 6: How would you like the final product?

24" x 36" Printed on Semi-Gloss Poster Paper ($40 + Other Options Selected) Best Seller!

24" x 36" @200dpi Digital-Only OPTION RGB/JPG Digital - ($0 + Other Options Selected) Print it yourself!
      (Expect up to a 28MB file)

This option is typically for our International friends because shipping a poster tube is relatively expensive overseas. Available to whomever wishes to use this option, you will receive your file as a DropBox invite, where you can download your hi-res file, and print it locally. Digital-Only files can be re-sized to fit your needs at the printer. Files will remain on our DropBox platform for 1 week to give you time to download it. Be aware these are HUGE files, and you need a method of bringing it to your printer, or uploading it online to a print service. All Digital-Only options include a smaller 96 dpi RGB/JPG version for bragging to your friends online.

Please note that I will not send raw digital files, or maps without villages, custom text or what would appear to be a 'clean' map so you can take this file and use it for your own purposes - I put a lot of time into this project and want to provide it to legitimate end-users as a customized map. Please see our SHIPPING page for more details on this option.

    If you have an alternative Size request, such as European "A" sizes or a requirement for larger Margins due to unusual Matting needs from a Frame Shop, please contact me by EMAIL so we can discuss your particulars.

STEP 7: The basic map and typical options are discussed above, and it includes being customized for the cities/villages displayed, start/stop route adjusted and all medals/silhouettes as shown. Adding any of the basic decorations is no charge, but if you want NEW graphics or any other variations or custom work desired, add it here - I will likely be in touch to discuss particulars and possible additional costs.

STEP 8: Decide on Shipping. Please select a shipping/handling option below:

Rolled in 3" tube - shipped ground delivery to Lower U.S. 48 States - $12.50
Rolled in 3" tube - shipped USPS Priority to HI or ALASKA - $17
Digital-Only option - see our SHIPPING Page for Dropbox details - $0

International Shipping option - see our SHIPPING Page for details
(Shipping costs will be calculated and you will be notified of the cost prior to payment.)

(NOTE: if you selected a Digital-Only option, please fill in just the REQUIRED fields and I will use that for the DROPBOX invite to upload your file to. If you are shipping to an INTERNATIONAL address, please use the OTHER COMMENTS section to format your shipping address. )

First Name *
Last Name *
Shipping Address
Zip Code
E-mail Address *
Contact Phone
How do you wish to be contacted?
How did you hear about us?
FACEBOOK   APOC   Camino Marketplace FB Group  
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Other Comments (ie: Properly formatted International shipping address here)
* Required to submit this form

After I receive your request, I will look it over and contact you to confirm details, and send a Paypal Payment request. Once payment is received, I will create the map, send a low-res proof for approval and await your approval to proceed. ONCE IT IS APPROVED prints cannot be cancelled. Orders are put into production right away. I will then print it, and ship it to you - I expect it will take 2-3 days to do this.

PLEASE NOTE: Any Injet Poster Print is subject to some fading over time, especially if you subject it to direct light. I am presuming you will get this map framed, so I suggest you either ask for UV Glass, or ask them to apply a UV protectant finish prior to framing. You can do this yourself using any Fixativ Archival Spray available online. If your map is not subjected to strong light, this is not really necessary.

And don't forget the Coffee Mug! These are ordered separately HERE. They are admitedly pricey, but that is because it is a one-of-a-kind unique mug customized for your journey. Your choice of Header Text colors and bottom row decoration. This mug will not have your villages, being way too small to read names, but displays major cities along the route.

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