You do not make payment for your custom maps until you have submitted the order form and I have reviewed it. In most cases, the modifications offered on that form incur no additional charges. In some cases, if you ask for artwork not already developed or developing a dramatically different route or other design changes, we will discuss the charges for that. I am a professional graphics designer (in business for 23 yrs in Web Design) and am capable of developing custom work for you.

After reviewing the order, I will send you a PAYPAL request for funds. The link should be with a number added to the end of it as the amount requested. If you check the box for Purchase Protection, I pay the small percentage fee they charge for doing this. (Feel free not to check it - I've never had an issue with a customer over delivery, and that fee might represent a glass of Vino in some small village in Spain!)

IF you would prefer to pay via your VENMO account, find me @jay-schwantes - I can accept either method of payment.

When the funds are received, I will develop your map based on your order form instructions, or subsequent email clarifications and you will receive a low-res proof of your map. Please be aware this will not be as clear as your final printed map as monitors can only 'see' 72dpi images, though I will blow it up somewhat for clarity. There will be a large SAMPLE in red across this proof if your payment has not been received yet. Once you acknowledge via email and attached PROOF that it is to your satisfaction, I will process the printing.

At that time, I cannot cancel the order, and it will be printed. Please be aware that even if your original order had correct information but the PROOF had an error, it is your responsibility to correct all your custom information BEFORE you approve the proof. However, depending on several factors, we can discuss reprinting it with changes based on time since approval and size of print - just email me and I will try to make it as painless as possible. I will not take advantage of fellow Pilgrim's but will not pay for your errors, either!

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