Maps are created, and printed at a National Printing Facility, examined, carefully rolled into a shipping tube, and mailed via USPS or UPS Ground Delivery, and delivered to your mailbox or front door. The process usually takes about 10 days from approved proof until you get it at your door.

If you wish International Shipping, please note it on the order form and I will find out the accurate shipping cost to your postal code. This is due to the uncertain costs of shipping tubes internationally. I typically add $10 to that cost for the tube, customs declarations and bringing it to my post office. I will send you a revised PayPal payment request with Shipping included.

For my International friends - or if you are in the US and prefer this option - there is a DIGITAL ONLY option on the order form. I will create your map as usual, save the hi-res file in a DROPBOX location, and invite you to access it there. It is a simple free and spamless process to sign into Dropbox to retrieve these files. These files will be quite large, often over 18MB, and will be in a RGB format. They will be sized according to your specifications.

You will also have access to a smaller resolution file, 72dpi, for viewing on your computer, with the SAMPLE overlay removed, so you can show it off to friends online or in email attachments - I hope you will include a link to to help spread the word.

It would then be your responsibility to take these files locally for printing. Almost all large cities will have a local printer who can print these files for you. It would be up to YOU to determine the paper stock, finish, etc., plus you can make as many copies as you wish. Even if you have no local printer, most countries have an online source for these printing services and can print and ship it to you.

PLEASE NOTE: You may request a printed, rolled and shipped option internationally, but I will need to discuss this with you in advance of your order. Please send an email with your exact address, Postal Codes and size of your final product, and I will investigate the shipping costs to you. Often this turns out to be prohibitive, and you may prefer our Digital Only option. International Shipping will be some other service rather than US Priority Mail, and may require additional shipping time out of my control. International Shipping will also include the cost of the tube, Customs Declaration forms, and the add'l time required to travel directly to the Post Office - as US Post Office does not allow International Shipping directly from my mailbox.

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